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Press Releases That Hit The Mark

A well-written, targeted press release can put a positive spin on your product before it hits the marketplace. We know what magazines and online sites need, and understand the quality and level of detail necessary for top-notch press material. Our goal is to gain maximum exposure for you in a timely manner.

When you're launching a new product, you want to get the attention of the media and, in turn, your customers. A "plain vanilla" approach to conveying your message won't generate the same interest and enthusiasm as a well-written, well-designed document that integrates text and graphics to spread the word about your new product while reinforcing your company's identity. Each of our press releases is custom-tailored to the audience you want to reach. In addition to creating releases for new products, we produce other related materials, including tie-ins with artists and endorsers, updates on classic products, etc. All are important news. Of no less importance is making sure that the person reading the material gets a strong visual image to reinforce the written material.

Samples of new product releases are available in pdf form:

Zon Guitars Announces The Sonus Classic

Zon Guitars Announces The Tribute Bass

Santa Cruz Guitar Company 000 Guitar

ElectroPlex Rocket 90 Amplifier

Pedulla Bolt-On Bass

Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Guitar

Note: If you don't have Acrobat Reader, or if you need a new version, you can get it for free from Adobe at:

In addition to press releases, we create dealer advance releases that are designed to generate retailer interest in products before you introduce them to the marketplace. Like press releases, the releases you send to your dealers and distributors before shipping your product have to be clear, understandable, and presented with enough enthusiasm to make them want to inventory what you sell. We produce these releases for both online and print media, making them the perfect way to get your dealers up to speed and ready to sell as soon as you're ready to ship.

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