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Content Carries Your Message

Whether you're selling software or monkey wrenches, your web site must have something that everyone wants: information. We all know that information can take many forms, including text, audio, embellished graphics, or simple photos. All of these elements fit into the description of "content." Although many people think that you can simply "shovel" content from brochures or other media onto the web and get good results, we have found that there's a lot more to it, because the media are different and expectations for how content should be presented and navigated are different.

Whether we are creating content for a brochure, a web site, a manual, or any other contact piece, we realize the inherent differences among the various media and optimize the presentation so that your customer gets the most from it. At the same time, we are aware of your need to be able to reuse content in multiple media and produce material that is easily recast.

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