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About Tom Mulhern & Associates

A group of top-flight web designers, writers, editors, marketing specialists, and artists make up Tom Mulhern & Associates, located just outside of Silicon Valley, in Gilroy, California. Among our past clients for whom we have created web sites, marketing materials, and other collaterals are Rivera Research & Development, Lace Sensors, Martin Guitars, Applied Research & Technology, Netscape, VR World Technologies, Sun Microsystems, Tech 21, Xerox, Zon Guitars, and BBE Sound, among many more.

The beginnings of Tom Mulhern & Associates date back to 1990, with the launching of targeted product reviews called "The Bottom Line" and the award-winning redesign of the Musician's Friend retail catalog, which serves the largest mailing list of musicians in the United States. In early 1995, we were among the first to place companies from the musical products industry online.

Founder Tom Mulhern spent more than a decade at Guitar Player magazine, and another decade as a consultant, web designer, and writer and editor of magazine columns and books dealing with audio and musical equipment.

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