elcome to Zon Guitars online. This is where you can find the latest info on our basses, strings, and accessories, as well as details regarding artists that we're proud to be associated with. Our catalog, complete with specifications, options, and other details is also included. Check in with us from time to time for updates, and don't forget to register with us! Register once, and we will keep your name in the pool for our monthly drawing, where we give away strings, straps, T-shirts, and other Zon goodies.

At Zon, every bass we build is a personal statement in performance and technology. Crafted for those who desire the very finest in a handmade instrument, Zon basses are the result of time and meticulous craftsmanship, combined with some of the most advanced materials and electronics available. We hand-select all the wood, fabricate the necks, shape the bodies, finish, assemble, and test each and every instrument. Hold a Zon and you will immediately sense the quality and craftsmanship. Play it and experience the response and versatility of a truly well-designed instrument.

Our commitment to quality and innovation has put us in the hands of players worldwide, both in studio and on stage. Our dedication to building the finest instruments makes owning a Zon an investment to last a lifetime.

--Joseph M. Zon, President

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