Evoke Teleconferencing
Morning Meeting Evoke teleconferencing: Dial: 1-888-111-1111 Conference ID: 1111111
Evoke teleconferencing for incidents: Dial: 1-888-111-1111 Conference ID: 0000000 PIN: 1111
(Only the moderator should use this PIN)
Responsibilities For All Shifts
Overview of shift-by-shift functions. Go now.
PCC Guidelines. Go now.

PCC and ISE On-Call Schedules
Herndon and San Mateo schedules.
PCC Special Projects
Current special projects.
Forms & Reference
Log Form HTTP Error Messages VLAN Distribution Tech Notes
Change Control
Notification Procedure
Facilities & Mechanical
(San Mateo)
List of Hosts by Colo Turn-Up
COP Template
Security & Facilities Information
Security FM-200 Information Emergency Power Shutdown (San Mateo)
Engineering Information
Engineering's LogicSlash Page
Good info on what's being developed for customers.

PCC Newsgroups
Coming soon